Wonderland dating sim date walkthrough

Choosing one option can affect your income at work, while the other can affect the prices you pay at the shop.

It's a nice way to let the player have more impact on the game's world, and it's also nice to be able to give someone a shot at hapiness.

Even so, the way it's executed (with a note in the help screen telling you that you need cheatcodes) is very bald, and could probably have been handled more subtly.

For example, some games (such as Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss) just quietly unlock the new content after you've achieved whatever goal the author has set.

The other scenes can be quite beautiful, though certainly not perfect, and I have to admit that the first time I saw Branwen, I didn't realize her eyelids were closed and I thought she was staring out at me with blank, dead eyes. This game has an enforced linear gameplay, meaning that you cannot pursue bachelor #2 until you win bachelor #1.

This would probably be more annoying if this were a regular dating sim, since offering a variety of guys to suit players' different tastes is part of the point.

The art-style is interesting in that the characters have a hand-drawn look, while the backdrops seem to be painted with water-colors.It'd be one thing if I were having to choose between a watch and a bowling-pin, but when discerning the flavors of cakes, one can really only go by the coloring, and even that's iffy.It's even worse for the recipes, which are identical except for their almost-arbitrary colors.Subtlety aside, there are a few genuine complaints I have about the gameplay: first, it took me a while to realize that, in order to start the game and progress through certain scenes, I had to click on a gem.It would have been helpful to have this icon labelled the first time we see it.

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This kept the gift mechanic from feeling unnecessary or hack-y.

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