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When you dress a Victorian piece in a contemporary neutral, you truly get the best of both worlds.Just look at this charcoal bed full of 19th century charm and fashion-forward appeal.Instead of pillows, wooden or ivory headrests were used.These were so essentially individual, being made to the measure of the owner, that they were often placed in tombs to be used by the dead man on his arrival in the land of eternity.Documentary evidence is provided chiefly by relief carvings.The forms were constructed in the same manner as Egyptian furniture except that members were heavier, curves were less frequent, and joints were more abrupt.A flax cord, plaited, was lashed to the sides of the framework.

Second was the use of heavy fringes on furniture covers, blending the design of frame and cushion into one effect; this was much lightened by Classical taste but was revived in Neoclassicism.

Principal furniture forms were couches, chairs (with and without arms), stools, tables, chests, and boxes.

From extant examples, the depiction of furniture on vases and in relief carvings, and literary descriptions, much more is known about Greek furniture than about Egyptian.

Third was the typical furniture grouping that survived intact into the Dark Ages of Europe: the couch on which the main personage or personages reclined for eating or conversation; the small table to hold refreshments, which could be moved up to the couch; and the chair, on which sat an entertainer—wife, hetaira (courtesan), musician, or the like—who looked after the desires of the reclining superior personages.

From this old hierarchy of furniture derived the cumbersome court regulations concerning who may sit and on what, that persisted for centuries in the palaces and ceremonies of monarchs.

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Folding headrests were probably for the use of travellers.

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