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That way you don’t lose all of your important information should something unexpected happen to your phone.If you have not created a backup of your phone in a while, or if you have never backed up your phones information I suggest that you do that right now.So unless you have rooted your Android phone before or unless you’re pretty tech savvy then I wouldn’t recommend rooting your phone to go back to a previous version of Android.Besides the best direction to go when it comes to technology is forwards not backwards, more features, more options, more choices, smoother, sleeker, faster.Some phones won’t even let you try to upgrade the software unless the battery has a charge of 80% or more. PC Power Outage – If there is a lightning storm outside and you figure that since you can’t go outside because of the rain you might as well plug your phone into the computer so that you can upgrade the phones software then you might want to reconsider this plan.If lightning strikes and the power goes out and the upgrade gets interrupted then your phone might be in trouble.Sometimes smartphones can take a while, even hours, to upgrade so make sure that when you choose to install the latest software onto your phone that it has plenty of time to finish installing.If you start upgrading your phones software and have to leave for an appointment then don’t just unplug your phone from the computer so that you can take your cell phone with you to your appointment.

Before you even think about updating the software on your device you should certainly check to make sure that the information on your phone is backed up and secured to a place other than your cell phone.How to backup an Android cell phone can guide you through much of the backup process if you would like some assistance doing so.This isn’t a necessary step in preparing to update an Android cell phone but the less clutter on your phone when installing new software means less chances of one of the apps on your phone causing trouble after the installation is complete.This is true at any time but it is especially important to backup a phone before an update as sometimes updates and upgrades can erase information from an Android device or even clear the data on the phone during the process.So make sure that you create a backup before updating and to also create periodic backups of your cell phone should it ever malfunction, or get broken.

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As you upgrade a phone there are some things to keep in mind that can help you avoid any complications that might occur during the update and installation process.

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