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I know he's your former teacher, and I know that you don't think a relationship with him could possibly be sickening or perverse or whatever, but the larger point is that, when you two met, he had authority over you.That kind of dynamic doesn't result in a normal, healthy romantic relationship (and in fact, in the U.S., having that kind of power over someone and then dating her can be grounds for criminal prosecution).I suspect that, even if he does see you in a romantic way, he doesn't to, for this reason and many others.During the last class with him, he told me he was delighted to be my teacher and that I should become a French teacher myself.When I got home I was crying like a baby for hours. Please, don’t tell me something like—he was your teacher, don’t entertain the idea of you two ending up together, he is too old for you etc. I simply want to resolve this confusion in my head—what's with him?

You asked me not to judge you, and I am absolutely not judging you at all.

Police observed the student staying at Walsh’s home from July 9 through July 11, 2016.

Walsh confirmed that the boy spent the weekend at her place, according to the report.

So after two months I returned to school to ask him some stupid questions about France, as I am traveling to Paris soon and he lived there for a while. Later, he sent me a text message—he found a guide book about France... My question is—has he any (and what kind of) feelings towards me? In trying to decide what to tell you, I've read several accounts of people who were in relationships like this one, and I've consulted with my boss, Pendleton Q.

Is it possible that he just likes me but is not interested in me whatsoever? He is older than me, way way older—about 30 years older. Is he acting like this because of the age difference? Spark Notes, so the post that follows is not just me hacking blindly at the keyboard and hoping that advice happens.

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