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Using location-based information in your app is a great way to keep the user connected to the surrounding world.However, improper or unnecessary use of location can prevent the device from sleeping, keep location hardware powered up, drain the user’s battery, and create a poor user experience.

Change these settings to match your app’s requirements.

Afterwards participants can meet and network with the Startups. Refreshments will be served after the pitching have ended.

conformance // Create a location manager self.location Manager = [[CLLocation Manager alloc] init]; // Set a delegate to receive location callbacks self.location Manager.delegate = self; // Start the location manager [self.location Manager start Updating Location]; // Wait for location callbacks - (void)location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Update Locations:(NSArray *)locations The only big change has been a different delegate method to listen for updates, but the old method continues to work.

Turn location services on only when they’re needed.

Then, leave them on just long enough to get a location fix and turn them off again.

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Core Location manages power aggressively by turning off hardware when it is not needed.

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