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(The name “Azusa Now” is a reference to the famous Azusa Street Pentecostal revival at the beginning of the 20th century.)Before really getting into things here, however, I want to say that from the very beginning of Shawn’s appearance in the video, I think there’s something immediately sketchy, if not just plainly inconsistent about the way the whole thing is set up.

Right before the first “prophecy” he delivers, Shawn prefaces it with a sort of invocation: “Please Jesus, come” (@ in the video).

Although a number of people agreed that the evidence was compelling or even undeniable, several flatly denied that it could be true.

In my post, I want to go a bit deeper than my acquaintance did, looking at what almost certainly the exact process that Shawn went about finding the information that he mentioned in a particular “prophecy” delivered on April 9th, 2016, at the Azusa Now conference/revival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

He offers messages of encouragement to his audience, which he claims actually come from Jesus himself.

Above all, they’re highly personalized, suggesting a deep personal knowledge of the individuals in question: he often starts by asking something like “Is there a [name] in the audience?

Having identified Kenny and Patricia then, above all it’s crucial to note that both of their Facebook pages, and all their content, are fully public. This is Jesus, he’s speak[ing]…”But, again, the availability of this information suggests much more mundane sources.

(We might note that on Kenny’s Friends list, he has nieces and nephews who also share the same last name; thus several of these potentially could have been mistaken as the fourth child.) this appears to be that, leading up to the time of the Azusa Now event, Kenny and Patricia had been away doing missionary work for a large Christian outreach organization, in a district of one of the islands of Hawaii.

Conveniently, Kenny and Patricia actually have a shared “official” Facebook page for their work with this outreach organization.

Having located Kenny and Patricia in the crowd, Shawn continues at in the video, addressing them: “Tell me if these names make sense to you; there’s four of them: it’s David, Ester, Jon, and Sara . Just from this alone, then, we already have clear confirmation that Sara, David, and Jon are all direct siblings.

What about the absence from Sara’s list of Ester, the fourth child of Kenny and Tricia that Shawn named?

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Conversely, it might also be mentioned that several posts on the outreach page from October 2015 mention that Tricia had a fever and that “we have no real insurance.” (To be sure, though, October 2015 is quite a while back from April 2016.) that this call for donations on Facebook was tagged with: Sherwood, Oregon.

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