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When the doctors examined her, they diagnosed her with epilepsy as well, caused by a small patch of damaged brain tissue. Erickson addressed the Chicago Neurological Society about a patient he called Mrs. Shame kept her silent for years, until her episodes also caused her to lose consciousness.

This may be because “[t]estosterone increases with competitive success,” like if you win at a game of sports.

When done right, though, love may protect your lover’s life.

Given the benefits of sexual activity, “[i]ntervention programmes could…be considered, perhaps based on the…’At least five a day’ campaign aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption—although the numerical imperative may have to be adjusted.” Please consider .

In 1969 two Florida doctors wrote to the journal about a patient who experienced similar spells of passion.

Each of these stories contains a small clue about the enigmatic neuroscience of sex.


when she was 54 and diagnosed her with nymphomania. W.’s seizures became worse, leaving her motionless and feeling as if an egg yolk were running down her throat. Usually the woman would come to with no memory of what had just happened, but sometimes she would fall to the floor in a seizure.

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