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Pensocokj St 878-1400 said if she doesn't vote, she has no nun Om in the 1992 presidential right t ' bout what's hap- electicm betw^n Clinton and Bush. • Clear Da Uy W^S^Omtacts tttftta^M^M Including Eye Exam. At least one of the candidates in many of the races is a^ya Qy ■omaoaa wortti voting for, which is yet aax Mher reason you should lilw KHBe time M otfmst busy scbsdute tmrnmrn to voto.

Fitting & Cai« KK Clear Disposable Contact Lenses Including Eye Exam. RAi Board Certified Optometrist 410 W Tmne«;^ee St pus Interviews ctober 11, 1994 OLDE, America's Full Service Discount Broker^^ is looking for motivated people to establish a career in tfie brokerage business. Sc Hne of the raoea o Btr a more diffkult d»ka Ami ottien.

Fitting & 3 Month Su|^ of Disposable Colored Contact Lenses Including Eye Exam. OLDE offers: 12-18 month paid training program Potential six-figure income Excellent benefits If you possess exccik-nt Vommunication skills, general market knowledge and the desire to excel, sign up for an on-campus interview on October U, 1994 in tt» Career Center. Photo t Joel Arnold, Rene Brown, Kim Droze, Andie Foster, Fred Glassef, Jen Guy, t Jetm, M«lc N^aon. &irt»qy, eiv e^ion haan't changied to tlie laal SMltfe^ «a m A npil^^ who we like and why.

The new fmrking garage seemed to be m Nsps Ma to s Msttta* dariias, but any positive raautts w«re immediatojy nul Ufiad by tbs qatot» iinllalaral deciucm to altow fredmim to p»k en ****»p«* Look at student seato for sports on campus.Josh Leibowitz was the rec^kmirt cm duty at Salley Hall on Sunday when calls came in reporting that close to 18 rooms were dr^iched.He said he agrees with Qrmm th&t the i Mr(rf)lem haa generally been ignored. Iloal a Mo^ complain Amt lack of maintenance and wwdd Iflw to mt some form of action taken," he said.Jenate Im Ub, a re^ikiit of Salley Hall, is f^i up with ttia iqiqwra^ af M^^ c€ Salley's administration."My room flooded under the window and water by eloaat h M aeakad a bl of my ^tl Ma. up Mne ti the w^bm but thara a^ wator to ptoces that we cannot do anythtog about.

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