Radiometric and radiocarbon dating dating professional people uk

Radiometric and radiocarbon dating

This can be useful information if a large core or sequence of cores are being dated.Sediments that are treated with alkali to extract humic acids (and then dated on the humic acid or humin fraction) can sometimes yield problematic results depending on the localized soil geochemistry.– Sediments are complex systems containing carbon of multiple forms, sizes ranges and sources.Please contact us to discuss the nature of your research objective to ensure the most appropriate pretreatment of your sediment sample.

Saran Wrap) to limit air contact, place them in a Ziplock bag, and ship to us.Sending wet or frozen samples for radiocarbon dating is fine.The lab starts the analyses immediately upon arrival of the sample so moisture will not induce contamination.In general the plant dates are usually more reliable as they typically represent a more unique event in time.The plants were relatively short-lived as compared to the time it may have taken for the sediment to form.

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Alkali extractions on sediments will remove any unbound carbon that is alkali-soluble.

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