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Victims would then have more resources for help and recovery — something that could truly make a huge difference.

Sex and intimacy, although the words are often used interchangeably, are not the same thing.

Because one does not want or have such a combination of intimacy and gratifying sex, it does not mean that s/he has to do without both. Sexually, there are a great range of relationships possible between a lifelong monogamous commitment and an anonymous 2 minute coupling in the bushes.

It involves letting yourself be known—your hopes, desires, fears and foibles and knowing and accepting another person inside and out. Stan Dale defined intimacy as “into-me-see.” When satisfying sex and the closeness of intimacy are combined it can be enormously satisfying. However, in the same way a steak or lobster dinner holds no appeal to a vegetarian, such an intense relationship is unappealing and often unobtainable to a certain percentage of women and men."The victim consented to touch by a condom, not touch by the skin of a penis.The law is clear that one may consent to one form of sexual contact without providing blanket future consent to all sexual contact." Brodsky's second argument makes perfect sense as well.She explains that when someone is consenting to sex with a condom, they are consenting to the risks and benefits that go along with that act."Sex without a condom carries higher risks of pregnancy and STI transmission than sex with a condom," she wrote.

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"Because of the increased risk, the removal of the condom transforms the sexual act into a different act, such that consent to one is not carried over to consent to the other." The fact that we have to explain or prove these facts to anyone is ridiculous.

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