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But first, he had to stop himself from plummeting through that chopper door. Some of the geeks would fuse things like satellite data and on-the-ground surveillance to visualize how traffic flowed (or didn't flow, indicating a nearby Taliban checkpoint or a roadside bomb).

White scrabbled back to his seat, grabbed the straps, and held on as gunners slouched in the open door, watching for ground fire. White's team mission was to target the digital trail of the Taliban and al-Qaida's financing.

Increasingly, that perspective involved a need to make sense of gargantuan icebergs of raw and seemingly unconnected data, to pull plans and policies out of frozen mountains of intel.

America, it turned out, could use a guy like White in a war zone. intelligence in Afghanistan, put it, a "vast and underappreciated body of information." To fix that, DARPA had sent in White and a dozen other geeks to embed with fighting units and make better use of this data trove.

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And it turns out, that's not a career he could plan for. White was on his way to a forward operating base outside Kabul headquarters, as part of a secret intelligence cell to help confront the Taliban and al-Qaida, smash their encrypted online money stream, and win over the hearts and minds of the Afghanistan population.White" scrawled in marker on duct tape across the front, and with the dust from liftoff, he was finding it hard to breathe. Stanley Mc Chrystal, the surge's architect, found himself without a job after he and his staff made disparaging remarks about the commander in chief in some music magazine.He also heard there was an opportunity to use big data to counter those forces; his country was eager to seize that advantage as quickly as possible.By the end of a full day, White the wunderkind postdoc felt humblingly naive. White had never been privy to the details from a practical, operational perspective.

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White knew it as the alphabet soup that spelled out Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon's scientific-innovation department, the folks who brought you bionic exoskeletons, night vision, the M16, agent orange, GPS, stealth technology, weather satellites, and the Internet.

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