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): (1) No live porn interaction, unless together and agreed upon.

(2) No secret video, swiping, or chatting flirtations that would constitute emotional infidelity.

It was an enlightening experience: I learned that my husband preferred the no-frills amateur stuff, while I’m a sucker for high production quality and a complicated narrative arc.

After our initial “what kind of porn constitutes cheating?

I felt like Alice in Dirty Talk Land, which I’m sure, according to Rule 34 (there is a porn version of absolutely everything) is probably an actual fetish. “I just like to fantasize I’m some alternate-reality version of myself,” I said.

While I was nervous at first, the more turned on I got, the more turned on he got, too. ” “Not really my thing, but I did enjoy watching get excited,” he said. Like with you, there’s an entire hero’s journey into what turns you on, with prequels, supporting characters, and a chance at winning an Independent Spirit Award.” I laughed.We all know that infidelity is awful, but that has never stopped people from trying to come up with excuses for why they cheated. Then maybe you should have, A, talked about it; or, B, broken up with the person if you weren't happy. I get that it can be flattering when someone comes onto you, but that doesn't mean you give into temptation.Here’s what you should do if you cheat: say you’re sorry and admit that you were wrong. You didn't just wake up in someone else's arms like, "Huh... If you're not having enough sex to satisfy you, you say something to your partner. You don't decide to just hook up with someone else. I know a lot of people who try to explain their cheating but acting like it was the other person's fault...Thus began a friendly debate about the many forms virtual infidelity could take nowadays.For example, some of our married friends still keep Tinder on their phones (which seems more stupid than ever given that there are apps now to catch the unfaithful in the act).

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Cheating because you're scared is so cowardly and ridiculous. Look, I get that feeling neglected by your partner sucks, but again, communicate with them! This is so lame and douchey it makes me want to scream.

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