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The Commonwealth had powerful ties with both North and South. there was certainly no more outspoken abolitionist than the Lion of White Hall, the indomitable Cassius Clay, whose home stands now as a state shrine only seven miles from the EKU campus. HE FIRST GREAT DEPARTMENT to be add- ed to the University was the College of Den- tistry at Louisville. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both Kentucky-born, as was Davis' vice-president. It was to be expected that divisions of opinion which after the Civil War could bring violent argu- ments over whether the struggle was the "war be- tween the states" or the "war of the rebellion" would lead to splits in social institutions. This soon became one of the largest and most prosperous colieges of the in- stitution. They did, as the quote says, create "a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing in- sistency." This is the storv of the fruits of their labors. The wounds that remained following the American Civil War were not always quick to heal. The bitter polarization that had gripped the nation could not be immediately remedied when the hostilities ended and differences continued to split and faciionalize families and institutions while the nation tried to mend itself.

به طول مثال جزئیات برجام را با ۱۶۱ رأی موافق، ۵۹ رأی مخالف و ۱۳ رأی ممتنع تصویب کردند.نمایندگان برگزیده مجلس به‌ دنبال پیروی از خواست مردم؛ رفاه عمومی، عدالت اجتماعی، گشایش اقتصادی، پیشرفت علم و فناوری و استقلال و عزت ملی را تحقق بخشند که، بدون تردید چنین بی تفاوتی های که با رای ممتنع یا عدم رای خود را نشان می دهد، با کاکردهای نماینده منافات دارد! &, V *• ^« I * *.' "♦"T » "Cj Tv -, lfi The Cenlenninl Milestone PA 1 § I I 1 I il AKE NO LITTLE PLANS." Robert Richard Martin quoted Chicago architect Daniel Burnham November 16. Many Kentucky Presbyterians found fault with the Northern Assembly's four-part resolution for "re- construction" of the church. Logan, set out to secure a cam- pus, a faculty and set an opening date for the new university. Der Alligator bate.' We're the class Of ninety-eight! "The University also has three branch schools, as follows: A Preparatory Department at Richmond, Ky.; S. Lees Collegiate Institute at Jackson, Ky.; Hardin Collegiate Institute at Elizabethtown, Ky. Basically, the resolution called for close scrutiny of Southern ministers espe- cially in regard to "participation in the rebellion, and their views on slavery; and before admission (to the ministry), to confess their sin and forsake their error, if their action and views did not accord with the assembly's testimony." It was this resolution, termed "erroneous and heretical" by the Kentucky Presbyterians who refused to abide that led to the split of the church in the Commonwealth and the for- mation of the Southern Synod of Kentucky. Meeting in Richmond December 31, 1873, these men, who were members of the first Board of Cura- tors of the university, voted to open the University September 1, 1874; to proceed with the purchase of ground for the campus and to construct, for S30.000, a budding to serve the College of Arts, and to visit and inspect sites for the campus. "All of these have a large attendance, are doing good work, and in every way are a credit to the parent institution." But, in reality, old Central U. In fact, in 1880, soon after Blanton's assumption of office, the Curators decided that the only possible way to con- tinue scholarships for valedictorians of high school classes would be to reduce the salaries of a portion of the faculty. HE END CAME for Central University April 5, 1901, when Centre College and Central University merged. Law Enforcement and Correction LINDA SHARON BECK, Hazard B.

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