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As the oldest, she became her manager's de facto assistant, taking kids out on auditions, traveling back and forth between California and Florida for the next few years until she finally moved to LA for good in 2006.Her agent needed an actual assistant; Metz's manager encouraged her to take the job.A hundred pounds were gone within just over five months."When you came up—Ima Wiggles, the sideshow's Fat Lady—three different friends texted her about it. "How is it that I had this great opportunity, an arc on a high-profile show, and then nothing? I can hold my own with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates," says Metz. "My mom said, 'You could be miserable in Florida, not pursuing your dreams, or you could be miserable in LA, pursuing what you want to do.'"Perhaps it's her interest in self-help, but Metz is the kind of person who believes that she has to trust that everything happens as it should."I was like, 'This isn't fair, I didn't come here for that,'" she says. And if there were, you're the butt of the joke," she says.But she took it anyway, and ended up becoming an agent herself. For a while, Metz averaged just one audition a year, where she'd see the same group of fellow plus-size actresses ("so supportive and not catty," she says).

"It's one of those things I believe everybody needs right now—a cathartic cry or a laugh," she says.

"It just messes with my mind."Not that it was easy to get here.

But it was also the enemy: When Metz was 11 and chubby, her mom signed her up for Weight Watchers.

Occasionally she'd be the biggest person there: "I walked into rooms a lot of women thought I shouldn't be in," she says.

"They were picking up their phone texting their agent, I'm sure." She booked small parts with character names like "Chunk" and "Heavy Girl" on the sitcom , but otherwise watched her own clients book more fulfilling and steady roles.

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"The show's not cynical, it's warm."People stop her in the bathroom and at grocery stores.

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