Mvn error updating group repository metadata sergio di zio dating

Mvn error updating group repository metadata

Fortunately, this only has an effect if you are using two versions of Maven deploying to the same location (group Id, artifact Id), and it's only if you are using Maven 2.0.9.

There is also a workaround which is to use the Maven 3 property maven.metadata.legacy.

The reason for this is the same GA or GAV may exist in multiple repositories, and all of the files must be merged from all potential locations to get the complete group level file.

So the most likely cause of slow downloads for files is that one of your proxy repositories has a very slow remote.

Make sure the GAV Maven is looking for matches what is in the repository.

When attempting to publish an artifact to an ssh server we get the following exception intermittently: Error installing artifact's metadata: Error while deploying metadata: Authentication failed: Cannot connect.

Reason: verify: false Other consumers of the jsch library have had a similar issue I think the retry logic could be added to Abstract Jsch around line 200, it could look something like the following: String Writer string Writer = new String Writer(); for ( int tries = 0; tries Ok, this is apparently not fixed by upgradig to Jsch 0.1.50 We have a patched Version of wagons-ssh 2.5 with Jsch 0.1.50 and the problem still occurs.

If I read this Change Log correctly, one would have to update to 0.1.51 ?

Log it states: Ok, this is apparently not fixed by upgradig to Jsch 0.1.50 We have a patched Version of wagons-ssh 2.5 with Jsch 0.1.50 and the problem still occurs.

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@9:8) org.apache.velocity:velocity:jar:null from the specified remote repositories: atlassian-plugin-sdk (file:///Users/sorin/dev/jira/jira-libs.hg/sdk/repository), central ( atlassian-maven1 ( atlassian-contrib (, atlassian-public ( Path to dependency: 1) com.xensource.jira:testrun:atlassian-plugin:1.1 2) com.atlassian.jira:atlassian-jira:jar:5.1.1 3) com.atlassian.velocity.htmlsafe:velocity-htmlsafe:jar:1.1.1bash-3.2$ cat /Users/sorin/.m2/repository/org/apache/velocity/velocity/maven-metadata-atlassian-maven1<!

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