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Though most abundant in humid regions, karst can also be found in arid terrains, either as relict karst formed during former wetter periods, or where H2S in groundwater rising from reducing zones at depth oxidizes to produce sulphuric acid.

Karst in carbonate rocks is formed by their dissolution by acidic water.As much as a quarter of the world's population is supplied by water derived from karstic aquifers.Karst regions are host to many mineral deposits (including significant lead, zinc and placer tin deposits, and form important hydrocarbon reservoirs.Karst regions are also important scenic attractions and can contribute significantly to the local economy, for example the Tower Karst around Guilin and Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky.The karst system is sensitive to many environmental factors and can form a significant geohazard.

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Similar processes also operate in humid regions but tend to be masked by the CO reaction.

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