How to stop interracial dating

Of course, racism comes in all sizes and can be directed against any race, not just blacks. CNN reports that Wilcox County in Georgia had its first integrated prom in 2013.

While it might be shocking to think that segregated proms still existed in modern America, it is heartening to hear how these kids pulled together to overcome prejudice and insist on an integrated prom.

When discussing these issues, don't forget to hit on the positives of interracial dating such as each being enriched by the addition of the other's persons culture, the strength of character to be built through standing up for their convictions and the diversity that will be brought into both families' lives.

The Anti-Racist Alliance is an organization dedicated to undoing structural racism.

You wince every time they call him “the white boy” or ask why he likes chocolate, but you’ll just have to talk to them about that later. He’s going to feel some sort of way if he finds out you’ve been spilling his tea in the street. You should really be dating a smart, attractive, well-educated black man. Image Source: Sometimes brothers take it hard when they see you out with someone for the other team.

If he’s more into cooing about the color of your skin than getting to know you, he may love what you represent and not who you are.

Image Source: Sometimes your crew doesn’t do any better. So why not try out “N***a” in a rap song or join you when you complain about how “black people are always…” But even several years in, things can get awkward pretty quickly.

Whether they’re instantly suspect or think he’s cool, he better prepare for some teasing. Their personal struggles have nothing to do with you. Image Source: You are a smart, attractive, well-educated black woman.

It offers workshops and monthly meetings for those in the New York area.

It also offers online forums, articles and videos to help those dealing with issues stemming from racism.

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Whether you’re currently dating “outside the team” or just curious about what it’s like, we’ve got some gripes that sistas in this situation will probably understand.

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