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Fish in the dating

And because they are a design like it to like set up the beta fish has to swim through a lot of water to breathe at the small area of surface area.

Hopefully that’s not too hard to understand that the beta fish needs to swim all the way to the top every time just to consume some oxygen.

Finally I researched and introduced boiled pea to him. Some people think of the most unique names and it makes me jealous for not thinking of them or being able to think of them on my own.

Since then everybody gets pea once a week or once in 12 days etc. What happens if I have 15 betta fish in one tank and can’t remember which one is which?

They like large aquariums just like any other fish.

Are usually just had my wife or my daughter name every single one of my fish because women are a lot better at it.We’ve shared some of the most popular fish names out there that are very entertaining.Some of them are going to make you giggle and others you may scratch your head about. – blue-green V -tail male — NAME-POTBELLY, because I was not using research to feed him, feed him a lot for 6 months, i don’t know how he survived without an boiled pea at all, only kept water toxin free most of the time.He survived through infections and swim bladder disease, eventually passed a stone looking poop. Was talking to one of my customers and when I mentioned my problem, her 5 year old daughter immediately piped in and said “Finnie”. I wound up naming him Andy and it suits him just perfect.Now flaring CATALINE and had a big mirror fight, which was extraordinary to see for 15 minutes, then I put paper wall between them. Sometimes you just have to have your fish for a week before you name it just to see what it’s traits are like.

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