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Eastman's action will not aid in stemming the tide of unfavorable court decisions. Later, it was moved to East Martin Street and finally to the just-vacated location at 117-119 South Wilmington Street.

' ' Abandonment of fair trade by one of its most faithful supporters comes at a crucial time when court rulings have rendered ineffective the operation of fair trade in thirteen former fair trade states. King Photo, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and Carolina Surgical Supply Company, both subsidiaries of The W. Complete with tables and chairs, the luncheonette setup makes it unnecessary for the employees to leave the house at "coffee-break-time." The W. King Drug Company, founded in 1899, was first located at the corner of Wilmington and Martin Streets.

This Anahist Pharmacy plan starts with shipments of Super Anahist plus Codeine about December 1, 1956 and Anahist guarantees to keep it in effect at least until December 1, 1957. "People who are sick and people who care for the sick need a closer relationship with Christ. He received his degree in pharmacy from Carolina in 1945 and immediately took a job in a drug store in Sylva. Pearson of the UNC Medical School during a talk to members of the Durham-Orange Drug Club, held in Chapel Hill on December 4. V-CILLIN (Penicillin V, Lilly) The superior penicillin, more dependable than any other oral penicillin, and equal to parenteral penicillin in most infections. PARKE, DAVIS & COMPANY • DETROIT 32, MICHIGAN The House of Friendly Service 2923 South Tryon Street Charlotte, N. Scott Jbtug, Company, Service Wholesalers Since 1891 A Brand New Glorious Box w For the Favorite Candy * .. You Participate Personally in Anahist Pharmacy Scholarship Award in Your Own State Anahist Company guarantees to donate 25^ for every half dozen Super Anahist plus Codeine purchased by the Retail Drug Trade (we anticipate a sale of 250,000 dozen, which would provide a fund of 5,000) to an Anahist Phar- macy Scholarship Fund to send some worthy boy or girl to Pharmacy School for one year, or to assist some Pharma- cy Student now in school, at the discre- tion of the Dean of the Pharmacy School he or she is now attending. Eudy explains it this way: ' ' I have an obsession which borders on Eudy Hardy, whose picture ap- pears on the cover, draws high praise from the MDs of Cabarrus County who say his spiritual work at the hospital is indispen- sable. Now, a complete family of useful oral products: Pulvules No. 'A of the South NOW Pex Aonallzea • Nunnally's creates a new appeal for fine gift candy! Window banners, point-of- sale displays and visual sales helps! It is intended that each state will partic- ipate to "whatever percentage of the total accumulated fund was contributed by that State to the fund". We are indebted to Jim Mc- Allister, the author; to William Workman, news editor; and to Sam Braswell, staff photograp- pher, for permission to reproduce this original article, which ap- peared in The Kannapolis Daily Independent Magazine, North Carolina's only locally edited newspaper magazine. • Record-breaking advertising and sales promotional campaigns! The exact method of distribution of the fund to each State has not been worked out at this writing, but this pledge by the Anahist Company is all Pharmacy needs. "It thrills me beyond Avords that I am in a position as hospital pharmacist that provides me with so many opportunities for service among patients, student nurses and personnel alike. He was graduated from Eobersonville High School and entered the University of North Carolina in 1941. HOfi TH CAROLIH* /ie Carolina JOURNAL of PHARMACY January, 1957 Vol. 1 Officers NOETH CAEOLINA PHAEMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION President J. Fortop quality and service contact the one nearest you FOISTER-PALM PHOTO SERVICE 161 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N. Phone 3171 B & H PHOTO COMPANY 419 East Trade Street Charlotte, N. Phone: Edison 3-5406 Makers of SUPER-TONE Prints "Truly the Finest in Snapshots" NEW! Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 20 mg.- important in helping to maintain resistance at its opti- mum level. On Sunday mornings Eudy is just as regular as clockwork at the hospital.

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