Do something dating abuse senior women dating in soputh carolina

Do something dating abuse

Dating abuse is a pattern of on going behaviour that makes you feel scared or frightened and can involve: Threats: Making threats to hurt you, threatening to commit suicide/leave, threatening to tell teachers/parents/friends about your relationship or your behaviour, threatening to tell people personal things about you/share intimate pictures of you, threatening to “out” you.

Intimidation: Making you afraid, hurting you physically, destroying property, threatening or hurting pets or children.

If you or a loved one is in a violent relationship, please get help.

According to the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, teen dating violence (TDV) is a pattern of behavior that someone uses to gain control over his or her dating partner.

Using Social Status/societal expectations: Making all the decisions, saying it’s “man’s world” to control you, using music/tv to excuse name calling.

Anger or Emotional Abuse: Using emotional and psychological abuse, putting you down, name calling, humiliating you, using guilt to control you.

Peer pressure/community pressure: Using religion as an excuse, spreading rumours, writing offensive things online or otherwise, posting pictures online, making you do something you don’t want to, using popularity against you, trying to turn your friends against you.

However, teens use a range of terms to characterize their romantic relationships; common terms include—hanging out, hooking up, going out, crushing, flirting, seeing, etc.Try not to let the differences in language keep you from being on the same page in talking with your kids about these relationships.In this page we use “dating” as an inclusive term covering the range of adolescent romantic relationships ranging from casual, episodic encounters to longer-term, committed relationships. TDV can include physical abuse—things like hitting, pushing, slapping, or strangling a dating partner.You might be in school, college, university or working.Dating abuse is mainly perpetrated by young men and victims are mainly young women, however it can happen in same sex relationships and to young men too.

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