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, or inflict large flesh Wijuud:^, be- fore birth, . In ihia city, 53 per cent; of the total number of deathf i in llip first years of lift* to the total number of deaths is considerably Icsh than in New York city, but it is neverthele Ni large.

A» the child advances toward.^ puberty, the linhility to sickness and dcsth gradually diminishes, but even the last years of childhoml prc;^nt ^B eoniaidemhly larger perecntngo of deaths to the population thrtii does TODth or manhood.

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If maternal emotions aflcct the development of the exterior of the fa*tus, as obrfervatious »how, and physiologists admit, the presumj Hion \» fitrong', that they may afli MTt also the proiwr development and adju! No fact is better known in the profession, tliao tluit the 6nt yoare of life con^ilituto the period uf greatest mortality. and almost an many as during the entirr-ty of the two year« that fullow the first year, althouprh even then the mortal Uy ia high.

tment of the pftrts of the brain, au orguu no complex and delicate, and may therefore give rise to idiocy. New York, 1H6ti) thus remarks on this j Mtiut : " Impressions will, i Himoiimcfl, reach the fa'tuia, in its rece**, cut off its legs or arm? from which we surraise that idiocy holds unknown tlumgh certain reltitions tu niaternal impressions, Hi modilieutiuus to placental nutrition." In view of such important fac Ln. the more imperative to avoid the presence of disagreeable aud unsightly object'*, as wc JI as all causes of excitement, and to remove, as soon a^ possible, vivid and unpleasant imprcasiuus, by quiet diversion of the mind. In Kngland, where there is an aocumte registration of births and deaths. The tahles of mortality prove, in fact, that one-teuth of children horn, die before the first month has l)een completed." In this roiintry, in con^^eqnence of deficient repislration of birtha, the iwrrentage of deaths to births eannot be accuralely a.-^certained.

Atravs do endereo br, o internauta visualiza dados sobre educao, sade, produo agrcola, agropecuria, finanas pblicas, trabalho e rendimento, Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) de Pernambuco, com grficos e tabelas detalhadas.

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Obviously, only partial siicceea can attend our cfibrts, as regards prevention in these caaes, and almost no suoceis, aa regards the use of remedial measures. Aoo Uier obvious cause of the great mortality of early life, is natural feelileueaaof By Bteiu, (Specially in iufuucy.

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Thecnusesof lbii« great mortality of infanta and children, and the means of dlmtnitf^hing it, deserve careful consideralion. hydrocephalus, of »pinn bifida, of cyanositt, arc fatal before the close of infancy.

These de- fects of formation we cunnot detect before birth, and their causes are often olisrure.

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They extend and become epi- demic ibn)Uj|;h the inlerciurso of children. W York the spread of the acute contagious dtiteu Hes, especially of hooping-eougli, mea^fleit, scarlet fever, and diphtheria* ihniugfa the schoo U.

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