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I love being able to help people by teaching the Word, but it’s also great when we can show God’s love by doing things like washing a child’s feet, putting shoes on them and telling them, “Jesus loves you and He’s going to take care of you.” You never know how something like that may impact a child.

In their darkest moment, they may remember that and realize, “Jesus loves me and He gave me these shoes.” That’s the moment when God’s love is real to someone who has been hurting and hopeless.

And it was clear we had entered “the bush of the bush.” But in this one tiny spot on the globe – about as remote a place as you’ll ever find – something beautiful has been rising from the African dust.

Read the rest of the story on page 7 of the 2016 Annual Report A plate of food is no small gift.

The farther we traveled, the drier it became, until there was hardly any greenery at all.

The earth became dusty, brown and cracked from a lack of water.

The bottom line is, it’s almost useless to preach if you aren’t going to help love people in practical ways that meet their needs.

The pages of this book are full of wonderful examples—things we have all been a part of together.

SEIKO, founded in 1881, is committed to the art and science of time.

The story of SEIKO began when Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair store in central Tokyo at the age of 22.

SEIKO is also well known for its collection of watches.

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What God has done there is a beautiful illustration of this. He has led us to them, and as we began to meet their physical needs, their hearts were opened to the Gospel.

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