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Workplace romances have been taboo for generations, which is part of the reason why they are also so attractive. You probably already have chemistry, so you go out. Women know the signals of an interested man and men know the signals of an interested woman. The same goes if you’re the boss, even if you are not a direct superior.We all want a taste of the forbidden, and we all want to be happy in all facets of our lives. We will have to suffer through endless blind dates, friendly set-ups and dating within the office pool. If you want to keep that great job, make sure you date someone who is your equal in the workplace. Just as with Jason and Cindy, keeping a relationship private until it is clear that it would last works.So, Feinstein’s job is to help men and women come up with dating strategies.“It’s how to get in the game and how to do it well,” said Feinstein.Although these are only two examples of office romances, they are fairly typical.Workplace romances are either golden from the beginning and lead to a long relationship or they are tempestuous and end badly. Outside of work, the place most of us spend our time is home.For Jennifer, the need to talk about her new relationship – which she thought was leading to somewhere special – was overwhelming in a short period of time.For Samuel, the office romance was a way to break up his day.

QUESTIONS/MORE INFO: 1-877-i Pre Date (1-877-477-3328) If you're ready to have more fun, transform your love life and unlock the secrets to successful, disaster-free dating, this program is for you. She is also the founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents and author of How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?“It may be tempting, but [sexy emails]aren’t a good thing to do.” Feinstein’s best advice is to be honest about what you want.A 6’5″ athlete or a 5’10” model with buckets of money sounds great, but “you want someone who is good to you and good to your family,” said Feinstein.For “Jennifer” and “Samuel”, two workers embarking on love in the workplace, their romance ended with disastrous results.They agreed to keep things quiet until they knew one another better.

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“Jason” started dating “Cindy”, a co-worker, very soon after they began dating one another.

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