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Some books mention that there was a lodge of a 'Union Order of Oddfellows' in London in 1750, and one in Derby in 1775.

The Oddfellows Magazine of 1888 included a picture of a medal presented to the secretary of a lodge of the Grand Independent Order of Oddfellows in 1796.

In the 18th century United Kingdom, major trades were organised in guilds or other forms of syndicates, but smaller trades did not have equivalent social or financial security.

One theory has it that "odd fellows", people who exercised unusual, miscellaneous "odd trades", eventually joined together to form a larger group of "odd fellows".

To this day, beyond recreational activities, Odd Fellows promote philanthropy, the ethic of reciprocity and charity, albeit with some grand lodges implying Judeo-Christian affiliation.

Still largest, the American-seated Independent Order of Odd Fellows enrolls some 600,000 members divided in approximately 10,000 lodges in 30 countries, Several theories aim to explain the etymological background of the name "Odd Fellows", often spelled "Oddfellows" in British English.

Henceforth, the fraternity has remained religiously and politically independent.

This suggested that the "Original United Order of Oddfellows" consisted of a total of 50 lodges at that time.

In 1810, further instigations led to the establishment of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity in England.

Odd Fellows spread overseas, including formally chartering the fraternity in the United States in 1819.

The exact origin of Oddfellowship is involved in obscurity.

It must have had a beginning, but just when and where, no historian has ever been able to ascertain.

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Due to increased trade during the Middle Ages, guilds came to make up a part of the urban culture, grouping people from a number of trades banded together.

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