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Dating portugal love site pt

Portuguese will very quickly pass to the « hug » phase. Energetic gesturing is very common in Portugal, but the common « don’ts » for western gesturing apply (like the third finger).

A pointed index is commonly used to make tough statements, but is not regarded as offensive.

Eye contact is important and not looking in someone’s eyes would suggest that you are not listening or not interested in the conversation.

They use gestures a great deal, but do not necessarily touch one another until they get to know each other.

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Portuguese are generally warm where communication is concerned, but don’t expect everyone to be the same.

People stand at a « western style » half metre of distance (length of arm). Portuguese aren’t used to staring at someone when they don’t know the person.

It’s not uncommon, after a while, to receive a small tap on the back after a handshake, or a hug, in some occasions, and after some time when a relationship is more established.The Portuguese are very open as far as receiving foreigners is concerned.Someone who comes from a developed country is considered to be someone with good intentions.Good subjects to bring up when speaking to people from Lisbon include their hometown, family, work, and the weather.They will likely be offended if you say that you have trouble understanding their accent because you are used to the Canadian-Portuguese accent (if this happens to be the case).

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