Cuck chat without login

Cuck chat without login

Looking at both women, I casually answered, “Yes it is.”Jeanne continued, “I've told you about the parties we've hosted here for the past several Fridays.”I stared at Jeanne with a puzzled expression. Could you refresh my memory.”Now it was Jeanne's turn to stare at me. Of course I remember the parties and I haven't forgotten that you were planning one for tonight.”Abby was laughing. As soon as we were finished eating we tidied up the kitchen.“Michael, we've talked about these parties constantly. Jeanne said, “It's not nice to tease your wife.”“Even about a sex party she's planning? I couldn't stop thinking about the evening ahead of me. Once we were done Jeanne prepared a small bag of ice cubes and then we hurried to the bedroom to get dressed for the party.

Or are you going to be a cuckold, an observer, a spectator.” She smiled. Tonight we're getting together with a group of discreet people. As we hugged, I said, “I'm so glad that we found each other.”Pressing her cheek against my chest, Abby said, “I can't begin to express how much the two of you mean to me.”Jeanne whispered, “I think we might be the three luckiest people in the world.”Nodding, I said, “I agree.”Jeanne and Abby left for work. Jeanne took a silver chain out of her jewelry box and said, “Micheal, Ruth wears the key for David's cage as a pendant on a necklace.”I smiled at Jeanne. I was seated on the edge of the bed naked wearing my cock cage.“But on those romantic television shows the wife is almost never getting ready for a night of kinky erotic frolicking with two bisexual men and her best girlfriend while her cuckold husband watches with his cock imprisoned in a plastic chastity cage.”Grinning, I said, “I don't think that's a common television plot.”Jeanne said, “If it was you'd be watching a lot more television.”“You're right about that and I'll bet you'd be watching with me.”“Sometimes, but I have a preference for creating real life fantasies with well endowed dominant men.”“Men whose cocks aren't locked in plastic cases.”Jeanne smiled at me. ”“Very much.”“Enough to set up a bar on the dining room table while we finish getting dressed for the party?“Acting out fantasies is much more fun when the man I love is watching.”Giggling, Abby added, “With his cock locked in a plastic case.”“Definitely.” Jeanne was giggling too. “Life certainly has taken some unexpected turns.”“Would you prefer it if we could go back to last August and rewrite history? ”“Definitely.”“Thank you Michael.”Abby said, “I think that should be Sir Michael.”Chuckling as I left our bedroom, I said, “I think Michael is just fine.”Abby called after me, “If we choose to knight you that's our prerogative.” In the dining room, I opened the liquor cabinet, took out bottles of vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, brandy, dry vermouth and sweet vermouth.I'm not yet ready to have this secret appear as a banner headline on the front page of The New York Times.”Grinning, Jeanne said, “That would be a bit embarrassing.” I winked at her. Do you really think that Mark and Bobby or Ruth, David and Matt will be judgmental? “My beloved cuckold husband.”Abby said, “Mine too, I get to love him too.”Jeanne and I both looked at Abby. ”“Yes, I am very sure.”Turning to me, Abby asked, “May I? After a moment she added, “Please.”I extended my hand. I mean really do it.”I said, “Five months ago I would have said, no, but now I understand that all it requires is love and trust. ”Giggling, Abby answered, “I am so ready to love and trust.”While we were talking Jeanne had attached the key to my chastity cage to her silver chain. ”“Absolutely and a chocolate cookie please.”Jeanne laughed.

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After placing them on the dining room table I set up a tray of glasses and then I went into the kitchen where I opened a jar of olives, a jar of maraschino cherries and filled an ice bucket with ice cubes.

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