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An officer from a police station in Ürümqi, the provincial capital of Xinjiang, is said to have confirmed the rule to a reporter from Radio Free Asia.The officer said any babies with a banned name would not be able to obtain their Hukou, the birth registration in China.Between the years 796 and 809 - during a period generally seen as the “golden age” of Islam – the then ruler of the Abbasid caliphate, Harun al-Rashid, moved his capital from Baghdad to Raqqa.Before the outbreak of Syria’s civil war in 2012, Raqqa had a diverse population of nearly 300,000 residents, making it the sixth largest city in Syria.Officers at the Hukou registration counters would receive relevant training to identify what names are allowed.

Dating back to the Hellenistic period, the city was an important trading post between the Sassanid and Byzantine empires.Sunni Arab tribes made up the majority in the city, but there were also a significant number of minorities such as Kurds and Christians.The four most prominent Sunni tribes known as al-Bayattrah, al-Ajeel, al-Breij, and al-Na'im, made up about 115,000 residents of the province and had significant influence. During the beginnings of rebel uprisings against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2011, Raqqa became known as “the hotel of the revolution” due to increased migration of anti-government protesters from major Syrian cities.Hinter der Marke stehen die Universität Regensburg und das Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz als Kooperationspartner.Gemeinsam geben sie dreimal im Jahr den kult UR-Leporello heraus, ein Überblick über die kulturellen Veranstaltungen am Regensburger Campus.

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Muslims in Xinjiang have already been banned from keeping 'abnormal' beards or wearing veils in public places as China hardens its rhetoric on Islam.

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