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Best dating reality shows 2016

Azan, from Morocco, likes to take shirtless selfies of his guns and hunt for gullible American women in his downtime. Nicole has no idea where Morocco is, but she booked a flight there anyway to spend 5 weeks with Azan, leaving her daughter behind in the care of her sister. Matt, a country boy from Kentucky, is engaged to Alla, Ukrainian.

With the largest age gap between them (Matt is 42, Alla is 30), they in no way approach the exquisite creepiness of Mark and Nikki last season.

Matt does have some ex-wife baggage though – three of them!

He’s been “unlucky in love,” but hopes Alla is his lucky number 4.

His mother is there along with Matt’s niece, Stephanie. It’s also a little too much public conversation, in Alla’s opinion, to openly discuss Matt’s ex wives in front of the entire group, which Matt does. Alla does seem to want this marriage to work though, so she’s willing to try 90 days in this new life. She does perk up when Jorge suggests they go shopping though, idly tapping on her phone (that Jorge pays for) while he figures out how to get all of her sh*t in the car.

Why you couldn't stop watching: It was all of your favorite personalities from your most watched reality television shows being taught class by Sharon Osbourne. Thus, from the extended preview we learn the following: Love hath no brains. Nicole is ready to embark on her five-week trip to Morocco. Pedro says he loves her and, from the look of this smooch, Chantel is at the very least in lust with him. He claims he can’t wait to see Nicole though, and takes his best friend Hamza along to the airport to meet her. But he should just be happy she figured out where it is. (Um, I assume photos and Facetime/Skype would have handled that…? “You are the one,” Azan tells her later though, so maybe his the harshness of his words didn’t belie his true feelings? Chantel has actually told her entire family and friend circle that “this show” being filmed is just about people from other countries dating each other. Gigi calls out Chantel’s friends on going too hard on Pedro. She drops off her daughter May with her sister Ashley and sets sail (well, flight) for Parts Unknown. But she is wise enough to know that life is unpredictable, especially when you are inviting a woman and her child into your life “forever.” Matt does wonder if Max will resent him for interfering in his and his mother’s life, but he hopes for the best. She’s also redoubled her efforts on the sextytimes lingerie for his pleasure, which she donned at botched airport pickup #1. She also arranged the rose petal/heart/poem/photo/candle situation in the bedroom again. ) Jorge is still trying to make this engagement happen though, which is just sad. ) Upon seeing her, Azan runs to give her a warm hug, which Nicole reciprocates. They are just concerned about Chantel though, and ask straight up if Pedro is using her for a green card? Watch if You Like: , a compelling miniseries that films actors Ewan Mc Gregor and Charley Boorman as they ride for months on motorbikes through Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Alaska before finally ending up in New York.The show was so successful in 2004, they followed it up three years later with .

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It has been nearly a year since we last traveled the road with love-struck Americans and their overseas fiances for the 90-day journey that, in my opinion, turns into one of THE best reality television shows out there.

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