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Album namesake and opener, Still Right Here serves as the record's mission statement.

Inspired by a friend who walked away from a terrible car accident, the track showcases the signature guitar sound for which Melissa is revered for, blending seamlessly with flawless gritty vocals in a thrilling kick off to the album.

And it happened because Teng, a Michigan-based singer-songwriter, half-jokingly told director Lawrence Chen she wanted to someday dance in a video, even though she knew she'd have to dance badly, since she didn't know how to dance."What Lawrence latched on to me saying was, 'I've always wanted to dance in a video,' " says Teng, 35.

As Teng steps out of the bedroom scene and into the other people's lives, they — and the world — open up to her in surprising ways.

Yep –- this song comes with homework, and since the rapid-fire verse is buried underneath a busy mix, the lyric sheet is welcome, even necessary.You could play Aims while you puttered about the house, and you'd be charmed by the sounds from your earbuds. Aims is filled with interactive music -– it gives, but it asks a lot of you.But you'd also be missing out, because Vienna Teng is very, very smart. As I just mentioned, "Level Up" is an energetic kickoff, supplying an effortless 7/4 beat that keeps the lyric from venturing too far into "Baby You're a Firework" territory.Next comes "Landsailor", another fully annotated track (only 13 this time), which, okay, I'm game, lemme open some tabs.But when the first footnote directs me to a page on supply chain management, my poor brain, already addled from so much learning, turns to tapioca.

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Look, the song's a poppy meditation on our increasingly dehumanizing and environmentally destructive drive for efficiency, which is fair enough –- we’'e a good 50 years past "Blowing in the Wind".

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