13 16 year old dating updating fedora yum

13 16 year old dating

Even though 3 years is usually not a very big age difference in adults, for example who are 22 and 25 years old, but it is a big difference in maturity during that age of life in teens. Presently you are both minors and in the same legal category, but in another 2 years, if you are still dating, then it will be a 15 year old dating an 18 year old, which is a minor dating an adult, and that doesn't look good.

Even though 3 years is usually not a very big age difference in adults, for example who are 22 and 25 years old, but it is a big difference in maturity during that age of life in teens.

I was your daughter, my 1st boyfriend / 1st kiss was a 17 year old, he was extremely respectful and never tried to go too far, buuut that was in 1994...

I had no idea and sex wasn't something I thought about.

I have sooooo, soo many regrets from that age and I wish to God I'd had a different set of parents. No actual full sexual experience but he managed her life, got her to quit school after year 10 and get a dead end job so they could marry when she was 18.

As far as I was concerned if she didn't stop me then she didn't give a shit about what I did. Id knock this on the head quick smart but be mindful it might happen again. My parents planted the foot at that stage and broke it up.

Don't be afraid to make her upset, you know her interests better then her, and she will thank you one day.

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I have been making a point to make sure my daughter still hangs out with her girlfriends as not to be totally consumed by this boy. Perhaps talk to a domestic violence support group of some kind.

But I have found out that for the last month everytime she has gone out with her friends she is actually meeting up with him! If she doesn't answer his calls straight away her will start txting her (she will have 5 texts in a matter of minutes ranging from "where are you babe" to "why don't you love me anymore" to "I will die without you" then back to "I'm sorry babe") and he was constantly calling and texting her during her all girls Bday party last week which made her feel guilty that he wasn't invited. Also if he has done anything that would be called rape, so if you have any confirmation press charges!

If she was 15 or 16 I'd say okay maybe let them see each other but nope not at 13, I would get cops involved if possible.

I would get her into some kind of sport or group or community activity too, maybe even take her to talk to other women who have been in controlling relationships, she needs to know him contstanlty msging her isn't love it's abuse and she needs to learn that asap!

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I am 99% sure they haven't gone all the way but I am starting to worry what have they done?! Make sure you are dropping and picking her up and communicating with her friends parents. If you have to get your daughters phone number changed.

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